"While Maryland remains in the process of reopening, COVID-19 still constitutes a very real threat, particularly with reports of coronavirus increases in other areas of the country. Thinking of what they could do to show their appreciation to the first responders who place themselves in harm’s way for the public good, Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum and his wife Chani Tenenbaum, co-directors of the Jewish Uniformed Services Association of Maryland, an outreach organization to Jewish men and women in uniform, put together a pair of new programs: Gift Bags for Heroes and Challah for Heroes."

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Before every Shabbos, women all over the world perform the mitzva of baking challah and reciting a special blessing. This is an opportune time for her to say a prayer, asking from Hashem for anything on her mind.

Every week, Chani from JUSA will recite a blessing and says a prayer for our brave men and women in uniform. May everyone stay safe while ensuring the safety of our community! The Challah will be delivered to our local heroes. If you, or someone you know, is a first responder, please email us so we can drop off challah for Shabbos! 

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Gift bags for heroes is a way to show our appreciation to the brave men and women in uniform Especially now during these trying times.

These programs are; "Recipients of a Jewish Education Enhancement Program grant; a program of The Center for Jewish Education, with funding from the Associated and the Charles Crane Family Foundation".

Message to first responders from JUSA Director Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum.